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The goal of this project is twofold. The first target is simple: Provide a resource for people to find grocery stores near where they are. Maybe you're visiting a new town, maybe you just moved, maybe you need to call them or maybe you just forgot exactly where the store is. We can provide you with phone numbers, websites, and directions to over 100,000 grocery stores throughout the United States.

The second goal is a bit trickier and a work in progress. We also intend to provide detailed information on food deserts and other locations where people are more likely to be dealing with food insecurities. We will rely on data provided from government sources as well as feedback from visitors to our site. Update:We've now separated this part of the project so it can be focused on more directly - please check it out at Grocer Gaps

In the future we will allow visitors to leave rated feedback on both grocery locations (food variety, pricing, freshness, etc) as well as cities (store availability per 1,000 people, average distances, etc).
Either way, we hope to help you with whatever exactly you are looking for and hope that when the time comes you will consider providing feedback on the city and store pages.
Currently our grocery store profiles include phone number, directions, links (when available), and general ratings and reviews. Thanks!

Grocery Stores

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